Jeannette Dianelou : Daughter of Marie Blanche Sarika

Νiki Τsironi : Historian - Byzantinist, Institute for Historical Research, National Hellenic Research Foundation | Associate in Byzantine Studies - Centre for Hellenic Studies, Harvard University, Washington D.C. | Adjunct Professor in Byzantine Studies - Simon Fraser University, Vancouver CA.

Manos Dimitrakopoulos: Legal advisor, founder and director of the Society for Social Work and Culture | Vice-president of the board of the National Library of Greece.

George T. Calofonos : Historian, associate researcher, National Hellenic Research Foundation |President of the Capodistrian Public Library of Aegina.

Yiannis Petropoulos: Professor of Ancient Greek Literature, University Democritus of Thrace | Director Emeritus of CHS Harvard, Greece.

Veronique Magnes: Video artist and photographer. Specialist in the history and conservation of books, design, and media. Founding member of AINOS Cultural Society | Responsible for the collection of the Marie Blanche Library.